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Music Hits

Music hits are songs that are liked and listened to by a large number of people. Music hits are determined by radio or music video channel requests and airplay, album sales and single sales. There even are charts or lists that show the music hits of the past (e.g., music hits of 1971). Other charts would list the music hits of a particular genre.

Where do you go to listen to music hits?

There are a lot of places where music fans can listen to top music hits. There are radio stations that cater particularly to music hits, and some of them even have chart shows. Most radio stations would give priority to these music hits in their playlists because these are the songs that most people would like to listen to. Initially, it was radio that people relied on when it came to discovering new tunes and listening to music hits. Nowadays, there are alternative media in which a music enthusiast may listen to music hits.

Music hits can also be heard on music video channels. These channels specialising in music have the same function as a radio station; the only difference being that there are visual images accompanying the music. Because of these music channels, the music industry has grown larger and videos have become an important facet in the business. There are record labels that even use music videos as a marketing strategy to make the songs of their artists music hits. For example, instead of releasing a specific single on the radio, a record label makes a music video for the single and releases it to different music channels. Because of the catchy video, the single then gets much publicity regardless if it is a catchy song or not. With this type of marketing strategy, there is a chance that the single can become a hit even for just a short period.

Music fans can also listen to music hits over the World Wide Web. There are a number of websites that allow you to listen to radio stations all over the globe. This new innovation allows the consumer to listen to music hits from different countries. Also, there are Internet radio stations that solely broadcast over the Internet.

Music hits from online music stores

There also are online music stores that show a song's popularity. This way, the consumer gets to know beforehand whether single are music hits or not. Some online stores give away free music hits too. The prices for downloading music hits may vary from store to store and may be subject to different policies.

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